A huge thank you to the lovely C. Kennedy for inviting me to take part in The Next Big Thing Blog Hop! Not only is this an opportunity for me to sound off to you all about my upcoming debut release, it’s your chance to find out what your favorite authors are up to, as well as make some exciting new discoveries. Most of all, I hope you have fun!

Introducing Caught Inside


It all sounded so simple.

When Luke’s girlfriend Zara invites him to spend the summer at her family’s luxury cottage in Cornwall, he imagines endless days spent sunbathing on the private beach and riding the waves on his beloved surf board. He isn’t interested in love. Though his rugged good looks and lazy charm mean he can have his pick of girls, Luke has no intention of falling for anyone. Well, he’s only seventeen. Plenty of time for that when he’s older.

Then Luke meets Theo, the sensitive Oxford undergraduate who is Zara’s cousin and closest friend, and is plunged along a path of desire and discovery that has him questioning everything he thought he knew about himself. No one, especially Zara, must find out. What he and Theo have is too new, too fragile. But as the deceit spirals beyond their control, people are bound to get hurt … Luke most of all…

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What is the working title of your novel?

It’s called Caught Inside and is the first in my Boys on the Brink series, a collection of novels about boys battling the odds to find love, acceptance, and their place in the world.

Where did the idea for the novel come from?

It all began with a vivid image of two boys quarrelling on a beach. It was night time and they were in the midst of a storm, rain lashing their faces, giant waves crashing onto the shore at their feet. Naturally this posed a whole lot of questions as to how they came to be there and what they could possibly have been fighting about, and as I figured out the answers to these questions, Caught Inside was born.

What is the genre of the novel?

Young Adult/Contemporary/Gay Romance

Which actors would you choose to play the characters in a movie rendition of the novel?

Hmmm. This is a tough question for me since I’m not a massive movie watcher and my knowledge of young British actors is pretty limited. However, Daniel Radcliffe would be perfect for the small but vital role of Theo’s ex.

Give us a one-sentence synopsis of the novel.

Seventeen-year-old Luke believes he has life figured out…until he meets Theo, and is plunged along a path of desire and discovery that has him questioning everything he thought he knew about himself.

Will the novel be self-published, traditionally published, or represented by an agency?

Landing an agent has always been the dream, so I’ll send Caught Inside out to a few to see what sort of reception it gets. Otherwise, I have several publishers in mind who I hope will at least be interested enough to take a look. Fingers crossed!

How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?

Just under six months. I’m embarking on the dreaded editing process as we speak, so wish me luck!

What other novels would you compare this story to within your genre?

I would never presume to place myself in the same category as the incredible Robin Reardon but her debut novel A Secret Edge comes closest to what I’m hoping to achieve with Caught Inside.

Who or what inspired you to write this novel?

I have a passion for the genre of gay young adult fiction, as anyone who follows this blog will know. I’ve also harbored the dream of being a writer for as far back as I can remember, so it felt like a natural progression to combine these two great loves in my life and write a gay YA novel of my own!

What else about your book might pique a reader’s interest?

It’s tense, emotional, sensual, and above all, a powerful love story!

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