Trying to rescue her son from a destructive environment, where the end of his last relationship almost ended in tragedy, Vic’s mother decides to move them all to a new town. Vic, glad at being able to start anew, takes the chance to create an image that would make his last two years of high school a lot easier.

But that plan is sabotaged when his new best friend, Jack, kisses him on New Year’s Eve, something Vic has been longing for and dreading in equal measure. Vic knows being gay in high school can be hell, and he’s scared sweet and innocent Jack won’t be able to handle him, or his past. It scares him more than anything now that his past has come back to haunt him, metaphorically and literally.

Vic tries to hide the horror of his past as long as possible, knowing that when Jack finds out what happened he will leave him. As Vic takes a turn for the worse everybody but him realizes how strong Jack and his love for Vic actually are. But is that enough for Vic to move on?

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I’m excited to have an ebook copy of Kia Zi Shiru’s Black Sheep: Letting Go of the Past to give away to one lucky reader. This is a poignant novella about coming to terms with the past, and learning that love has the power to be both destructive and truly wonderful. If you’re looking for a story that will take you on an emotional journey, be sure to enter below for your chance to win!

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